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Who was the ruler of the Incas?
a) Pizarro b) Cortes c) Montezuma d) Atahualpa
What did the Spanish bring with them that killed most of the Natives?
a) Tear gas b) Cannons c) Diseases d) Horses
What did Montezuma think Cortes was and invited him to his city?
a) Light-skinned god b) Future king c) Tax collector d) Long lost brother
Who was the leader of the Aztecs?
a) Pizarro b) Montezuma c) Atahualpa d) Cortes
Whoe defeated the Aztecs and brought Spanish rule to Mexico?
a) Atahualpa b) Pizarro c) Cortes d) Montezuma
Who defeated the Incas and brought Spanish rule to South America?
a) Atahualpa b) Pizarro c) Cortes d) Montezuma
What is a conquistador?
a) King b) Soldier/explorer c) Dictator d) King/mayor
What native group ruled along the Andes Mountains?
a) Aztecs b) Mayans c) Cherokee d) Incas
What native group ruled the central part of Mexico?
a) Aztecs b) Mayans c) Cherokee d) Incas
What country sent explorers to the Americas and took control of Mexico and South America?
a) Great Britain b) France c) Spain d) China
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