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Who invented the cotton gin?
a) James Monroe b) Sam Slater c) Alexander Hamilton d) Eli Whitney
A group of artists tha developed a uniquely US style of painting (landscapes)
a) Websters school b) Hudson River school c) National school d) Knickerbocker school
What effects did the cotton gin have on southern economy?
a) none b) c) d)
What contributed to nationalism during this time?
a) Monroe Doctrine, acquiring Florida, tariffs (domestic policy) b) nullification c) slaves vs free d) France, England, Spain
What was the 36-30 line?
a) slave/free line for Missouri Compromise b) Where the union started c) Henry Clay\'s favorite number d) line farming started instead of industrialization
Who was the Great Compromiser?
a) James Monroe b) Lowell King c) Samuel Slater d) Henry Clay
What was the religious revivla movement in the first half of the 1800s?
a) Wilmot Proviso b) Second Great Awakening c) Seneca Falls Convention d) Manifest Destiny
Idea that moving west was a God-given right
a) Manifest Destiny b) Westward expansion c) Nullification d) Wilmot Proviso
Stopping alcohol abuse and the problems that it caused
a) Temperance movement b) Wilmot Proviso c) Temperance destiny d) Abolition
Encouraged Americans to buy US made products
a) Tariff of 1816 b) spoils system c) American system d) Nationalism
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