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Wouldn't it be a nice gesture if you were...to ahhh... What does gesture mean?
a) anything said or done b) outburst c) a clown in a king's court d) memory
Reasonable answers based on personal opinion or experience is what type of question?
a) factual b) background c) evaluative d) speculative
Reasonable answers based on imagination or guessing is what type of question?
a) factual b) background c) evaluative d) speculative
Two or more reasonable answers supported by evidence from text is what type of question?
a) background b) evaluative c) speculative d) interpretive
Why is this called Raymond's Run
a) factual b) interpretive c) background d) evaluative
How do you feel about Hazel?
a) evaluative b) speculative c) interpretive d) factual
Why are the other girls shadows and Gretchen the only one really there?
a) interpretive b) speculative c) evaluative d) factual
Why is Hazel's father such a fast runner?
a) factual b) background c) evaluative d) speculative
What does overshot mean?
a) under b) go over or beyond c) hunting d) unable to reach
What does obviously mean?
a) hiding b) secret c) hard to understand d) easily seen or understood
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