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What instrument is used to collect and analyze light from the stars?
a) spectroscope b) telescope c) thermometer d) microscope
All of the following are parts of our solar system EXCEPT:
a) Sun b) Comets c) The Andromeda Galaxy d) Pluto
Our galaxy is a ______ galaxy
a) irregular b) ellipitcal c) barred d) spiral
The brightness of stars as we see them from earth is called
a) attitude b) apparent magnitude c) absolute magnitude d) accidental magnitude
The BEST units for measuring distances between stars and galaxies would be___
a) astronomical units b) light years c) kilometers d) inches
If a star is 75 light years away, what year did the light we are seeing now, leave the star?
a) 1963 b) 2088 c) 1975 d) 1938
In the HR diagram, which axis is brightness found on?
a) x axis b) y axis c) d)
What does a star become when it runs out of hydrogen fuel?
a) Red Giant b) White Dwarf c) SuperNova d) Nebula
Which of the stars listed is furthest along in it's cycle?
a) red giant b) white dwarf c) main sequence star d)
What characteristic of a star determines the path the life of that star will take?
a) temperature b) luminosity c) brightness d) mass
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