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Which motif is mainly used in the first act?
a) Water b) Love c) Fire d) Desert
What does Sebatian's and Antonio's view of the island reflect on their characters?
a) They are deeply cynical b) They are jealous c) They are highly inteligient d) They are grumpy
Who is Alonso's son?
a) Gonzalo b) Ferdinand c) Prospero d) Sebastian
Why is Prospero upset?
a) His one and only love is missing b) He lost his fortune c) He is missing a limb d) He was tricked out of his position as Duke
Why does Caliban work for Prospero?
a) He is a slave. b) Prospero mirdered his mother and forced him into to c) He enjoys it d) It's all he's ever known
Who tries to kill Alonso?
a) Ferdinand b) Prospero c) Sebastian d) Miranda
Trinculo is not repulsed by Caliban but is rather..
a) feeling trapped by him b) curious c) in love d) angred by him
Who is last introduced in the play?
a) Sebastian b) Ferdinand c) Trinculo and Stephano d) Miranda
Who does Ferdinand love?
a) His mother b) Jasmine c) His dog d) Miranda
Ferdinand wants to..
a) Burn the Island b) Hunt people on the island c) Stay forever on the island d) Leave the Island
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