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Which combination would have an attraction?
a) protons and neutrons b) none of the above c) neutrons and electrons d) electrons and protons
Which is the value of the constant in Coulomb\'s equation?
a) k = 9.8 b) k = 9 x 10^-9 c) k = 9 x 10^9 d) k = 6.67 x 10^-11
Which scientist found the charge of an atom through his oil drop experiment?
a) Newton b) Millikan c) Franklin d) Coulomb
Which is NOT a way to increase the force between two charged objects?
a) make one of the objects bigger b) place one object in the other\'s electric field c) bring the objects closer together d) increase the charge of one of the objects
Which factor is squared in Coulomb\'s law equation?
a) force b) distance c) the constant d) charges
If the charge of one object is doubled, what would happen to the force?
a) it would lose half its strength b) the objects would lose their charge c) there would be no change d) it would be twice as strong
Which scientist was one of the first to theorize that there were two types of charges? Hint: He experimented with lightening rods
a) Aristotle b) Coulomb c) Millikan d) Franklin
Which statement is true?
a) Conductors of electricity are insulators of heat b) Any object can conduct heat or electricity c) Objects that conduct heat also conduct electricity d) Conductors of heat are usually metal, while conductors of electricity are usually plastic
The q in Coulomb\'s law stands for
a) the charge of charged objects b) the quality of the charge of objects c) the distance between two objects d) the mass of charges objects
What is the correct unit for charge?
a) Newtons b) Coulombs c) meters d) kilograms
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