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To provide evidence to prove your position
a) Support b) Determine c) Develop d) Generalize
To find the value of a variable in an equation
a) Product b) Percent c) Solve d) Simplify
To combine like terms in an algebraic expression
a) Function b) Simplify c) Solve d) Process
Means first or most important
a) Conclusion b) Defense c) Primarily d) Significance
Steps to complete an action
a) Develop b) Process c) Simplify d) Determine
The end result of a process
a) Product b) Function c) Evidence d) Function
The value or importance of anything
a) Defend b) Describe c) Significance d) Primarily
A ratio between two measurements in which the second term is one
a) cost of fuel b) unit rate c) radius d) percent
To defend or support your position
a) Describe b) Justify c) Significance d) Characterize
A pattern over time
a) Function b) Trend c) Conclusion d) Evaluate
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