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Which cells form the stomata?
a) sieve cells b) guard cells c) phloem cells d) mesophyll cells
How is the sugar produced by photosynthesis transported from the leaf?
a) in the xylem b) in the phloem c) through the stomata d) through the epidermis
Which cells in the leaf are green?
a) phloem cells b) mesophyll cells c) lower epidermis cells d) upper epidermis cells
What are the loosely packed photosynthetic cells in the leaf called?
a) epidermis b) guard cells c) spongy mesophyll d) palisade mesophyll
Which of these is involved in asexual reproduction in a plant?
a) nut b) fruit c) bulb d) cone
The pollen in a flower is produced on which structure?
a) style b) stigma c) anther d) filament
What are the female parts of the flower called?
a) carpel b) corolla c) sepals d) stamen
Which of these is a characteristic of a monocot plant?
a) two seed leaves b) leaf veins in a net pattern c) flower parts grouped in threes d) vascular bundles arranged in a ring in the stem
Some flowers smell like rotting meat. What is the most likely pollinator of this species of plant?
a) flies b) wind c) butterflies d) hummingbirds
The response of a plant to touch is
a) photoperiodism b) phototropism. c) gravitropism. d) thigmotropism.
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