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What happens when agents of erosion lay down sediment?
a) deposition b) waves c) weathering d) erosion
What process moves weathered rock and soil to another place?
a) erosion b) gravity c) deposition d) weathering
What may trigger mudflows?
a) Earthquke movement b) sediment c) cars d) weathering
What is very slow movement of soil that is barely noticeable?
a) creep b) sheet erosion c) landslide d) mudslide
What major agent of erosion is responsible for shaping the earth\'s surface?
a) water b) wind c) gravity d) earthquakes
What are tiny grooves in the soil that grow larger to form gullies?
a) rills b) creeks c) brooks d) streams
What is a stream that flows into a larger river called?
a) tributary b) gully c) brook d) creek
What are meanders?
a) loop-like bends in a river b) a stream growing after rainfall c) curvy ponds d) small lakes
What is a flood plain?
a) a wide valley in which a river flows b) a wall built to prevent flooding c) a hilly area that rarely floods d) an area that is flat
What is an oxbow lake?
a) a meander that has been cut-off from the river b) a large bow-shaped lake c) a lake that was dug by an ox d) a meander that has flooded over its banks
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