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A ------- occurs when water runs on top of the land, causing streams and rivers to fill up and overflow.
a) flood b) crater c) hurricane d) plate
A cuplike shape called a --------- forms around the vent of some volcanoes.
a) flood b) crater c) plate d) fault
Unlike a tornado, a --------- has high winds that can last for many days over a larger area.
a) hurricane b) plate c) flood d) weathering
A ------- is a gigantic slab of rock in Earth's crust that is always moving.
a) hurricane b) flood c) plate d) weathering
After rocks are broken into pieces, the process of -------- carries them to new locations.
a) flood b) plate c) fault d) erosion
A ------- is an area where rocks slide past one another along a crack in Earth's plates.
a) hurricane b) flood c) fault d) volcano
Movements in Earth's crust caused by a sudden shift in Earth's plates are -------.
a) erosion b) flood c) crater d) earthquakes
Wind, water, ice, acids, and oxygen all can cause ---------.
a) weathering b) tsunami c) plate d) volcano
An ocean wave caused by an earthquake is a ---------.
a) fault b) tsunami c) plate d) volcano
A ---------- is a mountain that builds up around an opening in Earth's crust.
a) tsunami b) flood c) volcano d) hurricane
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