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To produce a change in motion a force must be a(n)
a) unbalanced force b) balanced force c) frictional d) heavy object
The gravitational pull is grater between two objects that have
a) greater mass b) less mass c) rougher surfaces d) smoother surfaces
When a mover puts furniture on wheels he /she is using
a) rolling friction b) sliding friction c) static friction d) muscles
To reduce friction you can
a) all the choices b) change sliding to rolling c) use lubricants d) make surfaces smoother
The gravitational pull of Jupiter is 2.3 times greater than Earth's, so an object that weighs 700 N
a) would be 1,610 N b) 200 grams c) 1610 grams d) 55 grams
Sister Cherree ran 60 m to the east in 5 s. Her average speed is
a) 12 m/s b) 20 m/s c) 25 m/s d) 30 m/s
Sister Cherree ran 60 m to the east in 5 s. Her average velocity is
a) 12 m/s east b) 20 m/s east c) 25 m/s east d) 30 m/s east
average speed is calculated
a) dividing total distance by total time b) multiplying total distance by total time c) adding total distance and total time d) subtracting total distance from total time
The SI unit for mass
a) gram b) newton c) feet d) inch
Friction can be helpful when
a) tires move a car forward b) eroding soil c) car engines wear out d) none of the choices
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