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The smallest unit that can perform all the processes necessary for life
a) cell b) cell wall c) eukaryote d) prokaryote
Single-celled organisms that do not have a nucleus or membrane-bound organelles
a) eukaryote b) cell membrane c) cell wall d) prokaryote
An organism made up of cells that have a nucleus enclosed by a membrane, includes animals plants and fungi, not bacteria or archaea
a) prokaryote b) cell membrane c) eukaryote d) cell wall
A rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane providing support and strength to plant cells
a) cell membrane b) cell wall c) cytoplasm d) nucleus
A thin covering that surrounds the cell. It protects the cell, helps give the cell its shape, and allows materials to enter and leave the cell.
a) cell membrane b) chloroplast c) cytoplasm d) nucleus
In a eukaryotic cell, a membrane bound organelle that contains the cell\'s DNA; control center of cell
a) cell membrane b) chloroplast c) cytoplasm d) nucleus
The living material inside the cell membrane, but outside the nucleus. It\'s gel-like fluid helps give the cell its shape.
a) chloroplast b) nucleus c) cytoplasm d) mitochondria
Found in the cytoplasm of a plant cell, contains a green substance called chlorophyll, where photosynthesis takes place
a) mitochondria b) chloroplast c) nucleus d) cell wall
Store and release the energy the cell needs to carry out life functions, the powerhouse of the cell
a) mitochondria b) chloroplast c) nucleus d) cell wall
The movement of particles from regions of high concentration to regions of lower concentration.
a) osmosis b) exocytosis c) endocytosis d) diffusion
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