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When did the United States send marines into Vietnam?
a) 1957 b) 1965 c) 1969 d) 1975
About how many years passed from the passage of the Tonkin Resolution to the surrender of South Vietnam?
a) 8 years b) 11 years c) 13 years d) 14 years
What was Gandhi's plan to refuse to obey unjust British law?
a) Mahatma b) monopoly c) disarmament d) civil disobedience
One of Gandhi's main strategies in dealing with the British was to insist his followers use
a) non-violence. b) riots and strikes. c) their ability to read and write. d) military tactics in demonstrations.
Which product did Gandhi boycott?
a) tea b) salt c) wool d) sugar
When India became independent, what factor determined where people would live in the new states that were created?
a) wealth b) religion c) political connections d) family ties to certain regions
Which one of the following might have been a quote from Gandhi?
a) It is not good just to change things without a reason. b) Change is not going to happen as long as people do not complain. c) People must act in a way that causes change to improve the world. d) The world will not change for the better when people do not see any problems.
What US General was given the job of rebuilding Japan after the end of World War II?
a) Louis Mountbatten b) Douglas MacArthur c) Dwight Eisenhower d) George C. Marshall
What type of government was created for Japan in the years following the war?
a) autocratic state b) communist state c) traditional monarchy d) constitutional monarchy
What was the role of the Japanese emperor in the new government?
a) His role was mainly ceremonial. b) He was a powerful political figure. c) The office of emperor was eliminiated. d) He served in the parliament as the presiding officer.
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