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This feature allows you to duplicate the selected text and put it in another location.
a) cut b) undo c) paste d) copy
This list is used when order does NOT matter
a) numbered b) outline c) alphabetical d) bulleted
What color of wavy line will show if you have a spelling error?
a) Green b) Red c) Blue d) Yellow
To update a file, rename a document, or save to another location use
a) save b) new c) rename d) save as
When a document is wider than it is tall the orientation is...
a) landscape b) obtuse c) unified d) portrait
A tool used to search for a word in your document.
a) Replace b) Look c) Find d) Thesaurus
The originial settings in a document are referred to as...
a) default b) format c) spacing d) margin
The space vertically between lines of text
a) margins b) tab c) indent d) line spacing
Which tool is used to find alternate words (synonyms/antonyms)?
a) spellcheck b) thesaurus c) review d) help
When text is aligned evenly at both margins it is called
a) left alignment b) justify alignment c) right alignment d) center alignment
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