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What philosophy did Japan borrow from China?
a) Paper Cranes b) Samurai c) Confucianism d) Tsunami
The samurai code of behavior, known in English as "the way of the warrior," is called what in Japanese?
a) Zen Buddhism b) Kamikaze c) Honshu d) Bushido
What samurai activists were known as "men of high purpose"?
a) Shishi b) Kenko c) Seppuku d) Koku
What Japanese term means "revere the emperor, drive away the barbarian"?
a) Kamikaze b) Sonno-joi c) Shogun d) Mount Fuji
Who also known as Keiki, was the last shogun?
a) Ninomiya Sontoku b) Honshu c) Tokugawa Yoshinobu d) Castle Towns
Most of Japan's modern cities were formed around what type of towns?
a) Castle Towns b) Aniu c) Shogun d) Shishi
What is Japan's tallest mountain?
a) Mount Everest b) Mount Matterhorn c) Mount Cook d) Mount Fuji
What Japanese term translates as "great barbarian-subduing field marshal"?
a) Shogun b) Sonno-joi c) Edo d) Confuciansim
What term refers to a deadly massive tidal wave?
a) Earth Quake b) Dust Bowl c) Tsunami d) Tornato
What is the largest Japanese island?
a) Hawaii b) Honshu c) Kyoto d) Hiroshige
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