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He could not go home, _____ he had no place to go.
a) for b) or c) nor d) finally
I took a taxi , __________ she drove home.
a) for b) and c) or d) nor
He didn't want help, _______ did he ask for it.
a) and b) but c) nor d) yet
I wanted to arrive late, _________ she wanted to go on time.
a) so b) for c) and d) but
She cooked dinner, _____ he took her out to a restaurant.
a) or b) for c) nor d) because
She owned a car, ______ she didn't know how to drive it.
a) for b) yet c) so d) nor
She had to go, _______ she called a friend to drive her.
a) nor b) and c) but d) so
I ate 5 slices of pizza yesterday, _____ Mary didn't eat any.
a) but b) nor c) or d) yet
He is gambling with his health, _____ he has been smoking far too long.
a) or b) nor c) but d) for
I do not want to eat a salad, ______ to be hungry
a) nor b) for c) but d) so
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