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A pile of wood that is 4 feet wide, 4 feet wide, and 8 feet long
a) dismay b) payroll c) cord d) grizzly
A sudden helpless fear or sadness of what is about to happen or what has happened
a) cord b) dismay c) payroll d) immense
A large gray or brown bear of western North America
a) grizzly b) immense c) cord d) dismay
Very large, huge, or vast
a) dismay b) cord c) grizzly d) immense
A list of person to be paid and the amount that each one is to receive.
a) payroll b) immense c) cord d) dismay
The ________________ bear tore open our tent!
a) immense b) grizzly c) cord d) dismay
The lumberjacks were paid for each ____________ of wood they chopped down.
a) cord b) payroll c) immense d) dismay
The forest was so ________________ I could not see where it ended
a) cord b) dismay c) immense d) payroll
I am filled with _________________ when I think about my best friend moving away.
a) grizzly b) cord c) payroll d) dismay
My mom is in charge of keeping track of everyone\'s name and their pay on the _____________.
a) cord b) grizzly c) payroll d) dismay
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