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Tyler feels joy, sadness and surprise. These are known as
a) self-conscious emotions b) basic emotions c) attachment d) none
When Abby's mom leaves her, she feels distressed. When her mom returns, she greets her mom positively. As measured by the Strange Situation, Abby has a ___ attachment with mom.
a) secure b) avoidant c) ambivalent d) disorganized
When a caregiver leaves the immediate area, an infant will most likely show
a) interactive synchrony b) stranger anxiety c) separation anxiety d) social referencing
As a child grows and learns about their self and their relationship to others, they begin to experience guilt and envy which are
a) self-conscious emotions b) basic emotions c) attachment d) none
Jenny looks at her mother for emotional cues to interpret what is happening. This is known as
a) interactive synchrony b) failure to thrive c) separation anxiety d) social referencing
Olivia and her mother are both chatting back and forth to one another. This is known as
a) interactive synchrony b) social referencing c) parentese d) none
A strong emotional bond between infant and caregiver is called
a) social referencing b) bonding c) attachment d) temperament
Kyle is in the room playing with his father. As the Comcast repair person enters the room and approaches Kyle, he becomes distressed. This is known as
a) separation anxiety b) stranger anxiety c) self-conscious d) difficult temperament
True or False: Shame is a basic emotion.
a) True b) False c) none d) none
The child of a clinically depressed mother will show negative affects when
a) with the mother only b) with other non-depressed adults only c) with both the mother and/or other non-depressed adults d) with other non-depressed adults if the mother is in the room
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