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Who made the daring midnight ride to warn colonists of the British invasion?
a) Paul Revere b) George Washington c) Patrick Henry d) Lord Cornwallis
Who helped gain French support for American independence?
a) Benjamin Franklin b) John Adams c) John Jay d) Phillis Wheatley
Who was a prominent member of the Continental Congress and helped frame the Declaration of Independence?
a) Benjamin Franklin b) Thomas Jefferson c) Lord Cornwallis d) King George III
Who inspired patriotism by saying, GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH
a) Patrick Henry b) Paul Revere c) Benedict Arnold d) George Washington
Who was commander of the Continental Army?
a) George Washington b) Paul Revere c) Lord Cornwallis d) John Adams
Who was the major author of the Declaration of Independence?
a) Thomas Jefferson b) Benjamin Franklin c) George Washington d) Phillis Wheatley
Who championed the cause of independence?
a) John Adams b) Patrick Henry c) Paul Revere d) Thomas Jefferson
Who was the British King during the Revolutionary era?
a) George Washington b) Lord Cornwallis c) George III d) Henry VII
Who was the British General who surrendered at Yorktown
a) George Washington b) Lord Cornwallis c) Sir Gawain d) Benjamin Franklin
Who was the slave (who eventually gained her own freedom) that wrote poems and plays supporting American independence?
a) Phillis Wheatley b) Hariet Tubman c) John Adams d) Paul Revere
Who was the French nobleman responsible for getting French aid for the colonists and who fought with the Continental Army, helping achieve victory at Yorktown?
a) Marquis de Lafayette b) Benjamin Franklin c) Baron von Steuben d) Lord Cornwallis
Who wrote the pamphlet, Common Sense, encouraging colonists to consider independence?
a) Thomas Paine b) Thomas Jefferson c) John Adams d) Benjamin Franklin
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