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Which of the planets in our solar system has a revolution of 1 year
a) Pluto b) Earth c) Mars d) Neptune
What causes the tides on Earth
a) Sun b) Neptune c) Moon d) Mars
What scientist proposed that object falling does NOT depend on their weight
a) Ptolemy b) Mr. Deavers c) Galileo d) Newton
The seasons are caused by the
a) calendar b) the tilt of the Earth on its axis c) rotation of the Earth around the Sun d) a fairy
The winter solstice occurs when the Earth is
a) tilted toward the sun b) not tilted c) tilted away from the sun d) tired of spinning
The summer solstice occurs when the Earth is
a) not tilted b) tilted toward the sun c) tilted away from the sun d) tired of spinning
What is the difference between sun energy and fossil fuel energy
a) The sun energy is more expensive than fossil fuels b) Fossil fuel energy has been around longer c) sun energy is renewable and fossil fuel energy in non-renewable d) there is no difference
Warm air rises and then cools and then descends. What type of heat transfer is this
a) conduction b) convection c) mechanical d) fussion
The sun's radiation is strongest at
a) North Pole b) South Pole c) Equator d) in the middle of July
A lunar eclipse is when alignment is
a) Moon -Sun- Earth b) Earth - Sun Moon c) Sun- Earth- Moon d) Sun -Earth
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