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The source of MOST of the Earth\'s energy resources is
a) oceans b) Earth\'s crust c) sun d) atmosphere
How is the energy provided by the sun, different than fossil fuel energy
a) Sun energy is expensive b) The sun is hot c) Fossil fuel is less expensive d) Sun energy in renewable, and fossil fuel is non-renewable
All of the following energy sources are readily available for use in our environment EXCEPT
a) sunlight b) fossil fuels c) water d) electricity
Which is NOT a type of solar radiation
a) infrared b) ultraviolent light c) nuclear d) visible light
When gases are TRAPPED in the Earth\'s atmosphere this called
a) greenhouse effect b) hot earth c) thinning of the ozone d) heating of the Earth\'s atmosphere
The heating of the Earth\'s atmosphere is caused by the suns
a) conduction b) fission c) radiation d) convection
Liquids and gases are heated through the process of
a) conduction b) conversion c) radiation d) convection
A lunar eclipse is when the following are aligned
a) Sun-Earth-Moon b) Moon- Sun- Earth c) Earth -Sun -Moon d) Earth -Sun
Which decribes the four inner planets
a) gas planet b) smooth surface c) solid planet d) very large
The elliptical orbit of the Moon around the Earth is due to what force
a) mechanical b) elliptical c) chemical d) gravitational
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