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Which button allows you to turn a numbered list into an outline?
a) tab b) enter c) shift d) shift + backspace
How many different levels can an outline in Microsoft Word have?
a) 9 b) 3 c) 8 d) 4
Increase and decrease indent are used for which of the following word options?
a) outlines b) sentence spacing c) paragraph spacing d) headers and footers
a group of formatting that is already done for you and combined into one is called a
a) style b) format c) selection d) bundle
the quick styles gallery is located under the __________ tab
a) home b) insert c) page layout d) review
this type of spacing changes the distance that the cursor jumps when you press "enter"
a) paragraph b) line spacing c) double spacing d)
if you want to change the formatting of a picture or graphic, what is the tab you most often will use
a) format b) graphic changer c) insert d) page layout
which of the following is not one of mr. smith's kids?
a) trevor b) trapper c) hunter d) willow
which of the following should you change on a picture in order to have the most freedom of movement with it?
a) text wrap b) word feature c) merge and center d) position
the alignment buttons are located under which tab?
a) home b) insert c) page layout d) view
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