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Oceanic and Continental are both types of this layer.
a) Crust b) Mantle c) Outer Core d) Inner Core
Solid Metal Layer of Earth
a) Crust b) Mantle c) Outer Core d) Inner Core
a) Layer that includes parts of the crust and upper part of mantle b) Liquid metal layer c) Solid metal layer d) Oceanic and Continental
Transfer of heat directly from contact between two objects...
a) Convection b) Conduction c) Radiation d)
Type of boundary is with plates moving together.
a) Transform b) Convergent c) Divergent d)
Type of plate boundary where plates move apart.
a) Transform b) Convergent c) Divergent d)
A place where oceanic crust meets continental crust would have this (choose the best answer).
a) Transform b) Subduction c) Divergent d) Convergent
Area where the oceanic crust subducts under the continental crust during sea floor spreading.
a) Deep-Ocean Trench b) Mid-Ocean Ridge c) Magma chamber in the middle of the ocean. d)
Geological feature created by undersea volcanoes.
a) Deep-Ocean Trench b) Upper Mantle c) Continental Crust d) Mid-Ocean Ridge
The process of the sea-floor spreading causes the sea floor to remain younger than 200 million years old.
a) True b) False c) d)
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