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Mr. Rennels designed a flyer for his meeting. The flyer was crowded with information, making it difficult to read. Which design principle could he use to correct this?
a) Alignment b) Contrast c) Balance d) White space
Mrs. Sutton is creating a sales flyer and places a graphic next to the item's description. This is an example of which design principle?
a) Contrast b) Proximity/Unity c) Repetition/Consistency d) White space
Mrs. Cousins is creating a flyer for an upcoming FBLA event. How should he arrange the MOST IMPORTANT information to ensure that the viewers will notice it?
a) Abstract b) Geometrical c) Balance d) Z-pattern
Ms. VonB designed an advertisement for FBLA with various elements in different sizes and shapes, using light and dark colors. Which principle of design technique did she use?
a) Alignment b) Contrast c) Repetition/Consistency d) White space
Which principle of design should Catherine use in a publication to show the connection between elements?
a) Alignment b) Contrast c) Proximity d) Repetition
Mrs. Holt designed a newsletter for a meeting and is using the same type face size and color for all headings. Which design principle did he follow?
a) Alignment b) Balance c) Proximity/Unity d) Repetition/Consistency
Which design principle has off-center alignment created with an odd or mismatched number of elements.
a) Alignment b) Asymmetrical c) Symmetrical d) Radial
Which design principle has a design that is centered or evenly divided both vertically and horizontally?
a) Asymmetry b) Radial c) Proximity d) Symmetry
Which design principle has a design that come from or swirl around in a circular path?
a) Asymmetry b) Radial c) Proximity d) Symmetry
What is the spot the eye first see's when it hits the page?
a) Z-Pattern b) Optical Center c) Grid d) Rule of Thirds
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