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Which of the following is not a physical change?
a) freezing b) burning c) boiling d) melting
Hydrogen has three isotopes called protium, deuterium and tritium. The atoms of these isotopes have
a) the same mass number b) different number of electrons c) different number of protons d) the same atomic number
Isotopes of the same element differ from each other by their
a) atomic number b) reactivity c) number of neutrons d) number of protons
If a substance conducts electricity and heat, and it is hard and shiny, it is most likely a
a) a non-metal b) a salt c) a metal d) an inert gas
If a substance conducts neither electricity nor heat, and is dull and brittle it is most likely a
a) a non-metal b) a salt c) a metal d) an inert gas
A change in speed, direction, or both is a change in a moving object's
a) mass b) velocity c) reference point d) height
Velocity is a vector quantity because it has both
a) position and mass b) mass and speed c) direction and volume d) speed and direction
Speed can be determined with the formula
a) speed = distance / time b) time = distance x speed c) speed = average speed / time d) Distance = speed / time
Density is calculated using the following formula
a) D = mass / time b) D = distance / volume c) D = mass / volume d) D = buoyant force x acceleration
According to the Second Law of Newton
a) Force = acceleration x time b) Force = mass x aceleration c) Force = mass / volume d) Force = distance / time
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