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Ancient people practiced a simple form of food science when they discovered that certain foods were more edible when cooked over a fire.
a) True b) none c) none d) False
Manufactured foods increase the choices for people on restricted diets ore restricted incomes.
a) true b) none c) none d) false
Egg substitutes are generally higher in fat and cholesterol than real eggs
a) true b) false c) none d) none
Food packaging is meant to preserve food quality and safety and to add convenience
a) true b) none c) none d) false
Long-term studies have concluded that genetically modified foods pose absolutely no danger to human health
a) True b) none c) none d) False
Slight changes in ingredients or cooking conditions can result in a different product.
a) true b) none c) none d) false
One potential danger of genetic engineering is the possible creation of super weeds
a) true b) none c) none d) false
Which of the following is NOT an example of a food analog?
a) meatless patties made of TSP b) freeze-dried fruits c) imitation cheese d) bacon-flavored breakfast links
In MAP packaging, __________.
a) the ratio of gases varies depending on the product b) cooked meats can be refrigerated for up to a year c) the food and the package are sterilized separately d) a single gas is inserted into the package
Which of the following would NOT be classified as a functional food?
a) salmon and garlic b) low-cholesterol margarine c) a cereal with added fiber d) meatballs
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