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Who rescued as many twin babies as possible and raised many of them at home?
a) Mary Slessor b) Dwight L. Moody c) Pandita Ramabai d) Hudson Taylor
Who did everything he could to stop false teaching in South Africa?
a) Andrew Murray b) John Lang c) Pandita Ramabai d) Francisco Penzotti
Who won his own freedom and the freedom to preach the gospel throughout Peru?
a) Francisco Penzotti b) Andrew Murray c) John Lang d) Dwight L. Moody
Who witnessed to both Union and Confederate soldiers?
a) Dwight L. Moody b) Hudson Taylor c) Andrew Murray d) Francisco Penzotti
Who began new churches, brought more pastors, and even built a college, often at his own expense, in Australia?
a) John Lang b) Hudson Taylor c) Dwight L. Moody d) Pandita Ramabai
Who began a home for widows giving them the message of salvation?
a) Pandita Ramabai b) Mary Slessor c) Sister Theresa d) Mrs. Jones
Who decided the best way to reach the Chinese was to become as nearly Chinese as possible?
a) Hudson Taylor b) Dwight L. Moody c) Troy Aikman d) Andrew Murray
Who quit his job as a shoe salesman because he wanted to work only for God?
a) Dwight L. Moody b) Mr. Pettit c) Hudson Taylor d) John Lang
Who learned to read religious literature of India because her Hindu father taught her how to read?
a) Pandita Ramabai b) Mary Slessor c) Mrs. Taylor d) Hudson Taylor
Who witnessed to several cannibal tribes?
a) Mary Slessor b) Pandita Ramabai c) Taylor Swift d) Miss Nancy
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