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What command is used to save an existing presentation with a new name or in a new location?
a) Exit b) Close c) Save d) Save as
Which tab shows a column of numbered slide thumbnails so users can see a visual presentation of several slides at once?
a) Notes b) Slides c) Outline d) File
What does it mean if a text box placeholder's borders change to become a dashed line?
a) The placeholder is active b) The placeholder is hidden c) The placeholder is inactive d) The placeholders is in the background
Which Ribbon contains the command for applying predetermined styles to a table in a slide?
a) Insert b) Table Tools Design c) Table Tools Layout d) Design
Which ribbon contains the command to flip or rotate an object on a slide?
a) Home b) Insert c) Drawing Tools Format d) Picture Tools Format
Which pane provdes an area for saving reminders to help a presenter during a presentation?
a) Notes b) Slides c) Outline d) File
Which term refers to a picture, shape, design, graph, chart, or diagram inserted into a Slide?
a) Image b) Clipart c) Item d) Graphic
What type of presentation runs on its own but can also be set to accept user interventions to advance to another slide or return to a previous one?
a) Self-running presentation b) Narrated presentation c) Slide Show d) Programmed Slide Show
What does Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 call the predefined ara inseide a slide where text may be entered?
a) Boilerplate b) Textbox c) Placeholder d) Dialog box
Which command is used to record the time a presenter spends on each slide in order to run the show automatically in the future?
a) Record slide show b) Custom Slide show c) Rehearse Timings d) Set up Slide Show
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