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How many districts are there in the Cherokee Nation?
a) 5 b) 6 c) 4 d) 7
What kind of property did the Cherokee consider their things to be?
a) Communal b) Corporate c) Company d) Community
What is the date on the Cherokee Seal?
a) Sept 6, 1839 b) Sept 6, 1849 c) Sept 6, 1838 d) Sept 6, 1829
In the Legend of the Birds and Animals Play Ball which bird was given a gourd for his nest?
a) Martin b) Cardinal c) Chicadee d) Titmouse
In the Legend of the Birds and the Animals Play Ball what was the bats wings made of?
a) Gound-hog skin b) Tree bark c) Deer hide d) Drum head
Chunky is played with these items:
a) 2 - 8' slender poles and a smooth stone roller b) 2 - 6' slender poles and a round bolder c) 2 sticks and a leather ball d) 2 small balls and a 100 ft field
This was a favorite on cold winter nights:
a) Basket/bean game b) Stickball c) Reading d) Basket weaving
What did the Cherokee Women crush between two rocks to make flour?
a) Indian corn/maize b) Hickory nuts c) Pecans d) Beans
What shape is a marble field?
a) L b) T c) H d) I
These are worn only by women in a stomp dance?
a) Shackles b) Turtle shells c) Shakers d) Shell rattles
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