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Who is the current Ms Cherokee
a) Christy Kings b) Christy Kingfisher c) Kathy Kelley d) Cindy Waters
Members of this clan were know as messengers
a) Bird b) Wolf c) Long Hair d) Paint
Cherokee baskets are made from?
a) Honeysuckle and buckbrush b) Locust and osage orange c) Oak and hickory d) Honeysuckle and hickory
What was Sequoyah's English name?
a) Jimmy Guest b) George Guess c) George Guillory d) Jimmy Guilliam
What type of material is a blowgun made from?
a) Cane b) Oak c) Buckbrush d) Hickory
Who created medicine for man?
a) Plants b) Animals c) Deer d) Birds
Wilma Mankiller is BEST known for?
a) Being the only woman chief b) Being the only chief fluent in the Cherokee language c) Helping Sequoyah develop the Cherokee syllabary d) Being a Cherokee chief
Members of this tribe were know as fast runners and hunters.
a) Deer b) Paint c) Wild Potato d) Wolf
In peace times the Peace Chief would come from this clan.
a) Long Hair b) Bird c) Wolf d) Paint
Which one of these things did the Cherokee NOT use baskets for?
a) Cooking b) Storing items c) Fishing d) Gather crops
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