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Protons have a _____________________ charge.
a) positive b) negative c) neutral d) weak
Neutrons have a ______________________ charge.
a) neutral b) negative c) positive d) strong
Substances that form as a result of the reaction are called the _____________.
a) products b) reactants c) chemical reaction d) subscripts
Balling up paper is an example of a _____________________________.
a) physical change b) chemical change c) chemical reaction d) none of the above
A process that produces a chemical change is called a ___________________.
a) Chemical Reaction b) Chemical Change c) Physical Change d) Product
A reaction that releases energy is called an __________________________ reaction.
a) exothermic b) endothermic c) physical d) chemical
H2O is an example of a ______________________________________.
a) chemical formula b) subscript c) coefficient d) reaction
A reaction that absorbs energy is called an _________________________ reaction.
a) endothermic b) exothermic c) chemical d) physical
A change that affects only a substance’s size, shape, or whether it is a solid, liquid, or gas is called a _________________________________________.
a) physical change b) chemical change c) chemical reaction d) state reaction
Substances that exist before the reaction begins are called the ______________.
a) reactants b) products c) chemical reaction d) chemical change
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