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The loud alarm clock ________ the sleeping baby.
a) glared b) untangled c) roused d) inadvertently
Giants are known for their ___________.
a) stature b) jostling c) serene d) relentless
The Hewitt\'s estate was so _______ that it took two days to walk across it.
a) pensive b) resourceful c) graceful d) vast
At the Hewitt\'s huge parties there were ______ amounts of food and drinks.
a) legendary b) bountiful c) brillant d) responsible
Although Hewitt thought his parents were unfair, their ______ were to keep him alive.
a) ancestors b) surge c) intentions d) stature
I __________bumped into my classmate and he became annoyed.
a) inadvertently b) gracefully c) gradually d) secretly
Teachers are very ___________ in solving the problems
a) entwined b) squealed c) resourceful d) perched
Mr. Lewis is _______, because he refuses to never give up!
a) relentless b) fluent c) hoaxer d) mischievous
The distance across Texas is ________.
a) vast b) reminiscent c) contrary d) attentive
NBA stars are famous for their enourmous _________.
a) lurks b) ancestors c) stature d) depths
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