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a building for observing planets and stars
a) nebula b) constellation c) observatory d) supernova
a group of stars that forms a pattern
a) protostar b) supernova c) black hole d) constellation
The distance that light travels in one year
a) supernova b) light-year c) observatory d) nebula
a large cloud of dust and gas that can break apart into smaller pieces and form stars
a) nebula b) supernova c) protostar d) galaxy
An enormous explosion of a giant star
a) protostar b) constellation c) supernova d) big bang
a region of space resulting from the collapse of a star
a) nebula b) black hole c) supernova d) constellation
A contracting cloud of gas and dust; the earliest stage of a star's life
a) nebula b) supernova c) black hole d) protostar
a collection of star systems
a) universe b) supernova c) galaxy d) big bang
all of space and everything in it
a) big bang b) universe c) galaxy d) supernova
the initial explosion that resulted in the formation and expansion of the universe
a) supernova b) big bang c) nebula d) protostar
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