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Jennifer was at McDonald's and she saw a spider. She did not move for 5 minutes. She did not return to that McDonald's for 2 years. What type of disorder does she have?
a) A phobia b) A anxiety disorder c) OCD d) Post Traumatic stress disorder
Michael was going to give a speech in front of his boss and 8 clients. He started to hyperventilate and had to call 911 because he felt like he was going to have a hear attack.
a) OCD b) A Phobia c) Panic attack d) Major Depression
Susan firmly believes that she is a direct descendant of the queen of England. Sue suffers from ??
a) a compulsion b) a delusion c) a stupor d) a hallucination
Reggie missed 3 days of school after he refused to get out of bed. Reggie is suffering from ??
a) Dissociative identity disorder b) Depersonalization c) Dissociative fugue d) Depression
Bridget stays up for 3 days straight inventing a new coffeemaker. Bridget has an episode of ??
a) mania b) anti social personality disorder c) hyperness d) ADD
Mary thinks over and over about whether she turned off the oven. Mary is having_____________ thoughts
a) compulsive b) worried c) obsessive d) crazy
Before her presentation, Mary began sweating. Mary has what?
a) mania b) delusions c) a phobia d) anxiety
Gertrude taps everything nine times. Gertrude is exhibiting what?
a) depression b) the dream of becoming a drummer c) compulsion d) happiness
Fred hears God speaking to him on a daily basis. Fred is suffering from what?
a) a dream like state b) a hallucination c) nerves d) anxiety
David felt as though he wasn't really in the room even though he could hear everyone talking. This is an example of ?
a) spacing out b) depersonalization c) a trance d) depression
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