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Which headline best describes the era of Texas during the Civil War?
a) The Union Must be Preserved b) Texas Welcomes Indians as Citizens c) We must Fight for Freedom in Mexico d) Citizens Divided on the Issue of Slavery
In what year did Texas join the Confederacy?
a) 1856 b) 1859 c) 1861 d) 1865
The _____ required men between the ages of 18 and 50 to serve in the Confederate military.
a) Draft Plan b) Conscription Act c) Miltary Force d) Army Brigade
The position that the federal government should not interfere with the states' exercise or their constitutional powers is known as
a) allegiance b) unionism c) states' rights d) federalism
The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863
a) freed slaves in Union states b) condemned Southern states for seceding c) freed slaves in Confederate states d) pardoned former Confederate leaders
Who issued a proclamation declaring that all enslaved Texans were free?
a) Gordon Granger b) Andrew Johnson c) George Custer d) Andre Hamilton
How was Texas affected by communication issues or developments during the Civil War?
a) telephones allowed soldiers in the field to communicate with family members back home b) new telegraph connections helped Confederate forces in Texas anticipate Union movements c) photographs of battle scenes published in newspapers led many in Texas to desire an end to the war d) slow communications allowed for continued fighting and delayed the emancipation of enslaved people
Which amendment guarantees the right to vote to all citizens regardless of race?
a) 14th amendment b) 13th amendment c) 15th amendment d) 26th amendment
Which democratic principle of the Texas Constitution reflects the will of the people?
a) separation of powers b) federalism c) checks and balances d) popular sovereignty
Why were the delegates at the Secession Convention in favor of Texas leaving the Union?
a) they wanted Abraham Lincoln as president b) they considered slavery vital to the economy c) they disagreed with paying high federal taxes d) they thought the national government was influenced by Britain
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