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People are free to buy, sell, and produce whatever they want, with limited government involvement
a) biotechnology b) brownfield c) trade deficit d) free market
Money after business expenses are paid
a) profit b) tariff c) stock d) trade surplus
The study of cells to find ways of improving health
a) brownfield b) biotechnology c) free market d) acid rain
Part ownership in a company
a) stock b) newsprint c) profit d) tariff
Type of paper used for printing newspapers
a) brownfield b) media c) tariff d) newsprint
When a country spends more on imports than what it makes on exports
a) tariff b) trade deficit c) stock d) trade surplus
Taxes placed on imports
a) free market b) profit c) stock d) tariffs
When a country makes more money on exports than what it spends on imports
a) trade surplus b) newsprint c) biotechnology d) trade deficit
Places that have been abandoned and contain dangerous chemicals
a) acid rain b) stock c) brownfields d) free market
The spread of human settlement into natural areas
a) profit b) urban sprawl c) trade surplus d) tariff
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