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_______ is unique in our solar system because it has liquid water
a) Mars b) Mercury c) Venus d) Earth
_________ is the smallest terrestrial planet.
a) Mars b) Mercury c) Venus d) Earth
_____ is nearly the same size as Earth
a) Neptune b) Mercury c) Venus d) Saturn
Scientist think that a large amount of liquid water flowed on the surface of ______ a long time ago.
a) Mars b) Mercury c) Venus d) Jupiter
________ is the largest planet.
a) Saturn b) Neptune c) Jupiter d) Venus
Saturn's rings are made of __________.
a) ice b) rock c) both d)
Uranus rotates...
a) from top to bottom b) from side to side c) d)
Neptune could be described as a cold, blue planet.
a) True b) False c) d)
_______ and _______ are the only planets smaller than Earth.
a) Venus;Mars b) Venus;Mercury c) Mars;Mercury d) Venus;Neptune
Jupiter has over _____ moons.
a) 10 b) 25 c) 40 d) 60
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