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A device used for carrying people or things, such as a car, bus, airplane, etc.
a) aboard b) capable c) mechanical d) vehicle
On board; in or on a ship, train, bus, airplane, etc.
a) atlas b) awkward c) aboard d) reseats
a book of maps
a) atlas b) vehicle c) chant d) miracle
A wonderful happening that is contrary to, or independent of, the known laws of nature
a) awkward b) atlas c) miracle d) aboard
To call over and over again
a) aboard b) chant c) mechanical d) vehicle
To sit down again
a) vehicle b) capable c) reseats d) awkward
Not graceful or skillful in movement or shape, not easily managed
a) awkward b) miracle c) reseats d) aboard
Having fitness, power, or ability; able; efficient; competent
a) aboard b) capable c) chant d) reseats
Like a machine; automatic; without expression
a) vehicle b) miracle c) mechanical d) awkward
a giant mess; destruction
a) robot b) dinosaur c) shambles d) The Gambia
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