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Britain's policy of giving into Hitler to avoid war
a) appeasement b) blank c) blitzkreig d) genocide
Government has complete control
a) blitzkreig b) blank c) totalitarianism d) appeasement
The _____ line was France\\\\\\\'s line of defense against Germany after WWI.
a) appeasement b) blank c) genocide d) majino
Hitler\\\\\\\'s secret police
a) blitzkreig b) blank c) lebensraum d) gestapo
German word that means lightning fast war
a) blitzkreig b) blank c) lebensraum d) appeasement
Hitler's secret police
a) gestapo b) popo c) fbi d) KGB
Hitler\\\\\\\'s book he wrote while in prison
a) The Call of the Wild b) blank c) Mein Kampf d) Iron Fist
An attempt to exerminate a whole race or culture group
a) blitzkreig b) blank c) gestapo d) genocide
The main reason for the need of trenches for protection during WWI was the new weapons developed due to the ________revolution
a) American b) blank c) French d) Industrial
Hitler\\\\\\\'s project to make a superior race
a) Lebensborn b) blank c) Manchuria d) genocide
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