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Christopher Columbus was from?
a) Italy b) America c) China d) Spain
Cortez deafeated the?
a) Inca b) Aztec c) Pilgrims d) Taino
Pizarro deafeated the
a) Aztec b) Inca c) Pilgrims d) Taino
columbus was
a) good b) bad c) ok d) depends
Cortez deafeated the aztecs by
a) he didn't defeat them b) being nice c) using ships d) having guns and sickness
cortez had
a) horses b) armor c) allies d) all of the above
cortez and pizarro were from
a) italy b) america c) spain d) canada
columbus got help from
a) the king and queen of spain b) his mom c) his dad d) no one
columbus sailed on
a) the nina b) the pinta c) pinta, nina santa maria d) santa maria
it took columus
a) 6 months b) 2 months c) 1 week d) 5 years
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