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Who said "Play is a child's work"
a) Sigmund Freud b) Maria Montessori c) Erik Erikson d) Jean Piaget
Who believed in each stage we face an emotional crisis that needs to be resolved before we move on to the next?
a) Erik Erikson b) Lev Vygotsky c) Lawrence Kohlberg d) Howard Gardner
Who believed everyone was smart in some way and developed the "Multiple Intelligences Theory"?
a) Jean Piaget b) Maria Montessori c) Lev Vygotsky d) Howard Gardner
Who belived that childrens thinking passed through 4 seperate stages and that their thinking changed qualitatively during these stages?
a) Lev Vygotsky b) Jean Piaget c) Howard Gardner d) Erik Erikson
They believed that childrens cognitive development was enriched when socialization with parents or peers was involved; children learn better in groups with other people?
a) Howard Gardner b) Maria Montessori c) Jean Piaget d) Lev Vygotsky
This theorist was interested in childrens behavior and said behavior was shaped by reward and punishment. He was concerned with Moral Development.
a) Howard Gardner b) Lev Vygotsky c) Maria Montessori d) Jean Piaget
This theorist believed children needed to be prepared for learning, for example they might give children a chance to exercise their hand muscles before learning to write.
a) Lev Vygotsky b) Jean Piaget c) Maria Montessori d) Urie Brofenbrenner
This theorist developed the ecological systems theory which empasized the importance of balance between Nature vs. Nurture. Microsystem, Mesosystem, Exosytem, Macrosystem
a) Lev Vygotsky b) Howard Gardner c) Jean Piaget d) Urie Brofenbrenner
Which theorist would encourage your teachers to allow you to work in groups on your projects?
a) Jean Piaget b) Lev Vygotsky c) Maria Montessori d) Urie Brofenbrenner
Who is responsible for the term "Sensorimotor Period" in reference to the way an infant learns?
a) Lev Vygotsky b) Harry Harlow c) Jean Piaget d) Maria Montessori
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