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What was the name of the process followed by Stalin to eliminate his enemies?
a) Terror b) Gulag c) State of emergency d) The Purges
Which was the name of the secret policy created by soviets government?
a) checa b) Gestapo c) KGB d) NKVD
In 1917 revolutionaries assaulted the Winter Palace, which nowadays is:
a) National Library b) Opera Theatre c) Hermitage Museum d) Town Hall
Stalin designed economical plans to improve the Russian economy. These plans should have lasted...
a) 5 years b) 2 years c) 1 year d) 10 years
Which of the next sentences about pre-revolutionary Russia is false?
a) It was an agricultural society b) It was one of the greatest empires of the century c) It had an absolute monarch d) It was an unified territory
What was the name of the treaty signed by Lenin with Germany in 1918 ?
a) The Moscow armistice b) Treaty of Petrograd c) Treaty of Brest-Litovsk d) Treaty of Versailles
Who lead the Red Army during the civil war?
a) Stalin b) Lenin c) Trotsky d) Gorvachov
Trotsky was killed in Mexico by a spy who was born in?
a) Moscow b) Amberes c) Petrograd d) Barcelona
What was the name of the dynasty in the pre-Revolutionary Russia?
a) Borbons b) Romanov c) Austrians d) Habsburg
In what month, according to the Russian calendar, took place the Revolution Lenin lead?
a) October b) November c) April d) March
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