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Hitler's secret police
a) swat b) c) foreign d) gustapo
Hitler's book that laid out his plans for the future
a) Death and destruction b) c) The frog jumper d) Mein Kamph
The party Hitler joined after WWI
a) Natzi b) c) Regional d) GPW
One ecomoic problem Germany had after WWI
a) low inflation b) c) high inflation and unemployment d) not enough workers
Hitlar wanted to create an____nation
a) free b) c) racial d) aryan
Hitlar's propaganda film
a) Death and Destruction b) c) Triumph of Will d) An Aryan Nation
Hitler set up a government with complete contral
a) democracy b) c) dictartorship d) Totalitarian
Facist are in favor of
a) democracy b) c) totliatrain government d) human rights
The name of the treaty that ended WWI
a) Versailles b) c) Paris d) Gudalope Hildago
One thing Germany had to do because of the treay of Versailles
a) collect debt b) pay debt and take blame c) did nothing d)
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