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What is an example of natural air pollution?
a) Volcanic Ash b) Cigarette Smoke c) Industrial Emissions d) Vehicle Exhaust
What is an example of secondary pollutant?
a) Industrial Emissions b) Cigarette Smoke c) Smog d) Vehicle Exhaust
Acid Precipitation affects all but the following:
a) Weathers rock b) Burns the skin of humans outside c) Changes soil for plants d) Changes lakes for aquatic life
CFCs are responsible for:
a) Creating the hole in the ozone layer b) Creating Smog c) Auroras d) Global Warming
The law that regulates air pollution is the
a) Atmospheric Pollution Law b) Air Quality Control Act c) Clean Air Act d) Oh No Ozone Hole
Industrial emissions mostly come from
a) factories b) cigarettes c) volcanoes d) vehicles
People who are least likely to be bothered by air pollution are:
a) elderly people b) healthy people c) people with asthma d) infants
Since the banning of CFCs,
a) the ozone hole continues to grow b) the ozone hole remains the same c) the ozone hole moved over Antarctica d) the ozone hole has shrunk
Which of the following is a greenhouse gas?
a) Carbon Dioxide b) Argon c) Nitrogen d) Oxygen
Primary Pollutants
a) Cause instant death when inhaled b) mix with something else before becoming a problem c) are put directly into the atmosphere d) include smog
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