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smalest unit of matter with unique peoperties
a) atom b) element c) mixture d) compound
pieces of information acquired through experimentaion
a) data b) ecologist c) observation d) engineer
substance composed of a single kind of atom
a) element b) mixture c) atom d) matter
matter contains two or more pure substances
a) mixture b) element c) compound d) atom
anything that has mass and takes up spac
a) matter b) mixture c) atom d) element
substance made of atoms or more different joined by chemical bonds
a) compound b) element c) atom d) mixture
the measure of the amount of space the matter occupies
a) volume b) pressure c) density d) mass
the mass of an object per unit volume
a) density b) pressure c) mass d) volume
the measure of the amount of matter in an object
a) mass b) density c) pressure d) volume
the amount of force exerted per unit area of a surface.
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