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What do veins do?
a) Carry blood away from the heart b) Take blood from the brain c) Give blood to the brain d) Carry blood to the heart
What do arteries do?
a) Take blood from the brain b) Carry blood away from the heart c) Carry blood to the heart d) Give blood to the brain
What protein helps red blood cells carry oxygen?
a) Transport proteins b) Hemoglobin c) Antibodies d) Enzymes
Which side of the heart has deoxygenated blood?
a) Pericardium Sac b) Apex c) Right d) Left
Which side of the heart is stronger/bigger?
a) Right b) Atria c) Mycardium d) Left
What is the biggest artery in the body and also is connected to the heart?
a) Brachial b) Subclavian c) Aorta d) Iliac
What is the sac containing the heart called?
a) Interventricular Septum b) Pericardium c) Myocardium d) Connective Tissue
These heart valves are between the atria and ventricle
a) Mitral and Tricuspid b) Aortic and Pulmonary c) Pulmonary and Mitral d) Aortic and Tricuspid
The connector between veins and arteries
a) Connective tissue b) Adipose tissue c) Bone marrow d) Capillaries
Where blood cells are made
a) Kidney b) Bone marrow c) Blood stream d) Spleen
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