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Marine organisms that drift with the currents are called..
a) plankton b) sharks c) nekton d) benthos
Plants and animals living on the seafloor are called...
a) benthos b) zooplankton c) plankton d) nekton
Animals such as crabs, snails, and sponges...
a) benthos b) zooplankton c) plankton d) nekton
Range from algae to organisms as large as jellyfish
a) plankton b) fish c) benthos d) nekton
Animals such as sharks, whales, and flounder...
a) nekton b) benthos c) plankton d) zooplankton
A rigid wave resistant structure built by corals is called...
a) reef b) photosynthesis c) chemosynthesis d) estuary
Carbon dioxide and water changed to sugar and oxygen in the presence of sunlight is called...
a) photosynthesis b) chemosynthesis c) reef d) estuary
Sulfur and nitrogen compouds used as an energy source to produce food is called...
a) chemosynthesis b) photosynthesis c) estuaries d) reef
An area where the mouth of a river opens up into an ocean
a) estuary b) chemosynthesis c) photosynthesis d) reef
What happens at a mid ocean ridge?
a) New seafloor is formed b) lots of plants can be found here c) lots of organisms make their homes here d) Photosynthesis occurs
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