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If companies spend too much time correcting errors and redoing work, it is likely that the supervisors are not effective in using:
a) Communication b) Evaluation c) Quality control d) Time management
When Apple built a personal computer, it was an example of:
a) Global competition b) A new-product franchise c) A marketing activity d) An innovation
A company committed to total quality management:
a) Hires managers with college degrees b) Asks employees to emphasize efficiency rather than effectiveness c) Uses teamwork and improved work procedures d) All of these
A type of business that use mostly intangible products to satisfy consumer needs is called a:
a) Service business b) Goods producing business c) Industry d) Production business
Coal-mining and construction companies are examples of:
a) Industrial businesses b) Goods-producing businesses c) Service businesses d) Domestic businesses
The process of accomplishing the goals of an organization through the effective use of people and other resources is:
a) Human resources management b) Leadership c) Management d) Organizing
The levels of management in an organization is called:
a) The organization chart b) The management pyramid c) Career path d) Organization path
A total commitment by everyone in an organization to improve the quality of procedures and products by reducing waste, errors, and defects is called:
a) Hawthorne effect b) Standards c) Vision d) Total quality management
An award given to a company that demonstrates a superior approach to quality management is called the:
a) Deming Award b) Macgregor Award c) TQM Award d) Quality Management Association Award
A common set of activities that make up an important part of a manager’s job is called:
a) Job description b) A management function c) A management role d) Management principles
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