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____________ energy is associated with position and motion
a) mechanical b) potential c) kinetic d) thermal
_________ energy is associated with motion only
a) kinetic energy b) potential energy c) mechanical energy d) electrical energy
___________ energy is associated with position
a) potential energy b) kinetic energy c) electrical energy d) mechanical energy
___________ energy can be both kinetic and potential
a) electrical b) thermal c) electromagnetic d) chemical
__________ is the energy of moving particles
a) thermal b) electrical c) electromagnetic d) chemical
___________ is energy that travels in waves
a) electromagnetic b) chemical c) thermal d) electrical
Which of the following are nuclear reactions?
a) fission and fusion b) fussion and fision c) fission and fision d) fussion and fusion
fission is when nuclei ___________
a) break apart b) join together c) have a party d) breathe
__________ energy is a type of _________ energy
a) nuclear; potential b) chemical; kinetic c) thermal; potential d) electromagnetic; potential
___________ energy is a type of _________ energy
a) electromagnetic; kinetic b) nuclear; potential c) chemical; kinetic d) thermal; potential
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