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What is the largest part of Congress?
a) House of Representatives b) Senate c) Republican Party d) Reform Party
How is the Presidency determined?
a) General voting b) Kids vote c) Electoral votes d) by the people of each state
How many Senators are from each state?
a) four b) two c) six d) three
How many federal departments are there?
a) eight b) seven c) four d) fifteen
How many terms can the President serve?
a) two b) four c) six d) eight
How much does the President make annually?
a) 450,000 b) 450 c) 800,000 d) 450,000,000
When will the President take the oath for Presidency in 2013?
a) June 21, 2013 b) May 21, 2013 c) January 21, 2013 d) January 12, 2013
Which branch makes the laws?
a) Legislative Branch b) Excutive Branch c) Judicial Branch d) Independent
Which Amendement states that the President can serve two terms?
a) Amendment 22 b) Amendment 10 c) Amendment 1 d) Amendment 19
Which one is not a requirement to become President?
a) Must be 35 years old b) Live in Maryland c) Must be a U.S. citizen d) Born in the U.S.
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